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In Memory of Henrik Enderlein
A tribute by Jean Pisani-Ferry, 2. Juni 2021

VoxEU Pricing of carbon within and at the border of Europe - published May 6, 2021

FAZ     Klimaschutz ohne Kompromisse Der Volkswirt - published May 10, 2021

Franco-German cooperation in support of the European Green Deal:
pricing of carbon in and at the border of Europe - published April 27, 2021


The European Union (EU) has proclaimed the Green Deal as its principal growth strategy,
announcing as its key target to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. In consequence, effective
immediately, member states will have to increase their efforts to reduce emissions, inducing
steeply rising mitigation cost. The best coordination signal in this endeavor would be a uniform
price on carbon which encompasses all actors, sectors, regions, and technologies. To ascertain
that all goods consumed in the EU face the same carbon price, it is sensible to credibly prepare
the implementation of border carbon adjustments (BCA) applied to imported goods. To preserve
the EU’s self-conception of taking responsibility for the global climate it should refrain,
however, from exempting exports from carbon pricing. A BCA mechanism should be considered
by the EU only after having established a clear and credible uniform carbon pricing mechanism
within its jurisdiction. This credibility is key to provide incentives to other countries, especially
the US and China, to join a far-reaching international alliance for carbon pricing.

A coordinated COVID response - 6. April 2020


It is in the interest of every EU member state that countries in the Union hit by the coronavirus are very quickly able to take the necessary measures to control the pandemic, help the economic recovery and prepare the transformation to a more sustainable and resilient European economy. In this context, the Franco-German Council of Economic Experts strongly endorses recent proposals made to respond at the European level in a coordinated manner to the COVID crisis. We believe that France and Germany should support them within the EU.

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